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All Hope is Not Lost!

Blue Cat World
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Our insane attempt at a UO freeshard server!

This is a lj to keep track of our scripting notes,
world building ideas,
desperate rants
and glittering dreams of a better internet.


For those who have stumbled upon this community and have questions
as to what this shard is all about, this is for you!

We are in the final stages of building a fully custom role play focused RunUO server.
We have a fully custom map that took upwards of 300 hours (and we're still poking at it).
We have a wide variety of custom and player-created scripts lined up to use
(including realistic ores, wood, armor, weapons, etc).
We're also in the process of conquering mulbuiler to offer custom clothing, weapons, etc.

On the creative end, we have created eight playable races with race specific/realistic cities, climates, etc.
All parties involved have dedicated much time and effort to the building of our world's history, people, cultures and overall personality.
Writing and storytelling will be a big part of this role play community.

If you are interested in taking part in our eventual Beta test and would like more information, please leave us a note on the Beta post.

Thank you!

- greensidhe